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Meet Phillip Sanders

The Renowned American Country Song-Writer And Singer

There’s no chance a traditional American country music fan hasn’t heard about Phillip Sanders. However, just in case you want to explore more about Sanders, here’s some information about him.

Originally from Florida, Sanders now spreads his magic from the state of Texas. And you’d be amazed to know that this ear-rocking music artist was originally an Oil & Gas and Commercial Investment Entrepreneur.

His song-writing career sprouted in 2016 with his extraordinary inherited skills from his father’s legacy. However, within a year, he dived into his singing career too. That’s when his track started rolling with one award after another jumping into his fortune.

Awards And Achievements

Phillip Sanders isn’t just an ordinary country music artist. He has earned several achievements beginning from his first song. His debut, released on the European radio stations, hit the top 10th spot on Joyce Ramgatie’s top 40 singles chart. That’s not all; he has even made it into the top 200 artists list on Joyce Ramgatie’s chart.

What’s more? He has a record of being #1 for 11 times in a row on Artist Direct’s Top 100 trending weekly artist list. That’s no surprise as music runs in his genes. You must have listened to “Behind The Teardrops.” This marvelous country music piece was written by Charles R. Sanders, Phillip’s father.

Well, Sanders won’t stop here. He definitely has a plan to win your hearts all over again with his new releases. These awards are merely a road to the never-ending list of honors he’s going to grab in the upcoming years. So stay tuned because this is just the beginning!